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Prenatal Chiropractic Care
Regular chiropractic care with Medicine Hands Wellness during pregnancy promotes healthier experiences and a better quality of labor and delivery.

bozeman chiropractor
Sensory Disorders
Many childhood disorders have roots in birth injuries and childhood falls which makes Medicine Hands Wellness the authority on nervous system care.

bozeman chiropractor
Pediatric Care
Many parents report that after beginning chiropractic care for their infant they have seen less symptoms of colic, reflux and ear infections.

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Does insurance cover my treatments?
What is Chiropractic Care?
Why pediatric chiropractic care for our infant?
How can you help with Sensory Processing Disorders?

 Why Us?

We Care

Medicine Hands Wellness’s Dr. Morgan Woods DC is the Bozeman Chiropractor that cares about the wellbeing and success of the whole family.

Put Your Wellness First

Beginning with infancy, wellness chiropractic care reduces illness, increases vitality and improves overall health.

We Pinpoint the Issue

Get to the root of the problem by pinpointing the issue and get back on track with a customized wellness chiropractic plan just for you.

Tips from Dr. Morgan

Bozeman Chiropractic
What is Chiropractic?

This question is frequently asked by people trying to understand what a chiropractor can actually do to help. Ultimately, a chiropractor works to improve the function of your body through the nervous system.

  • The brain and nervous system are the communication super highway of the body.
  • When there is interruption of communication, dis-ease and illness result.
  • Over time, those interruptions become worse and block more communication.
  • More blockage means less vitality and enjoyment in life.
  • Chiropractic can locate, address, and reduce that miscommunication.
  • Over time, with consistent care, the interruptions can be completely eliminated.

If you have a specific question that you would like to see answered, please email us. We would love to share your question with others.

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